Applicators of: 

Commercial and Industrial Grade Coating Systems, Protective, Marine and Architectural finishes.



PRD Corrosion Control Ltd. uses the most advanced industrial coating systems available today.

PRD Corrosion Control Ltd. has the experience and equipment to apply the following:

100% solids paste grade epoxy systems 2 Component Zinc, Epoxy and Urethane paint systems


PRD corrosion Control has the product and application  knowledge to tackle all flooring degradation 


Whether you require protection over concrete or steel to stand up to environmental conditions or process material PRD has you covered.


PRD Corrosion control Ltd. has the ability to take on commercial and custom architectural painting projects. PRD uses top quality finish coatings for both protection and the best aesthetics. 



100% Solids Epoxy Repair over concrete with severe degradation 

caused by strong acid exposure. Location Pulp Mill Boiler House.



Epoxy/Urethane coating system touch up applied during process Location: Pulp Mill

Elastomeric Urethane applied to planer table rollers. Location: Interfor Grand Forks

Conditioner Applied

Base Coat Applied

Top Coat Applied



PRD Corrosion Control Ltd. has developed a strong Quality Assurance program lead by each action having a clear and direct Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

Our Quality Control program is executed by following the approved standards as per the project coating specifications and recording all field information. All field information is compiled and submitted within 24 to 48 hrs as per the project requirements. At the completion of the project all site information along with photographic backup are entered into a complete turn over package and delivered to the client.


At PRD Corrosion Control we use written safety policies for all actions to ensure safety, conformance and to minimize onsite down time. 



Our goal is to provide our customers with long  lasting, high quality coating systems available in order to keep reworking and maintenance to a minimum. By making this our main focus we are able to keep people safer and lesson environmental impact by minimizing or negating risk of job site exposure and in turn we help our clients keep assets online and profitable.

PRD Corrosion Control Ltd. Was Established in April of 2019 by Paul Packham and Richard Unwin.

Paul and Richard met while working for a contracting company in a large lead/zinc smelting facility. While working together in some of the most challenging and extreme conditions in the coating world both Paul and Richard discovered that they shared a common bond of a strong work ethic and the desire to do the best, safest job possible.

Richard Unwin:


Richard obtained his Red Seal Journeyman Pressman Certificate  in 1989 Richard worked running large industrial printing presses for many years honing his skill and at the same time concentrating on Quality Control, Quality Assurance as well as process flow and efficiency.

Richard entered the world of commercial/industrial coating application in the year 2014.


Richard has been able to adapt his background of QC/QA, process flow and efficiency to the coating world through a thorough understanding of procedures, standards and information recording. Richard also brings a strong background of working as a foreman, supervisor and business owner in The UK.

Paul Packham: 

Paul has been in the coatings industry for over 30 years, moving on from managing and working as the head painter for the commercial building industry from 1987- 1995 Paul started All Product Painting located in Port Coquitlam, some notable projects his company performed were: The Sea Wall Guard Rail around the new Vancouver Trade and Convention Center which opened in 2009, Skytrain Station Ceiling Spray outs, Electrical Substations for various mining locations around Canada and the globe, as well many projects involving full immersion service to multiple atmospheres.

From 2011 -2015 Paul was retained by the off-site component re-builders to work directly with HMI Contractors and Norske Corrosion on the Hugh Keenleyside Dam Refurbishment Project. Paul took on the roll of coatings project manager 

and QCI for all components coated at the fabrication facility. Paul developed all of the required inspection and test plan, quality control tracking reports, and turn over packages to be supplied on the project.


Paul also performed this roll for projects on the Waneta Dam, as well as various projects for Teck Trail Operations, Fortis BC, SNC Lavalin and other BC Hydro projects.




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